Topic 6 Writing a monologue

Keeping in mind with what we learned in the previous topic, you should imagine that this monologue is the introduction of your play where exposition is important.. If you have a plot mapped out, use this opportunity to introduce the main character in your play. Ensure the monologue related to the rest of your plot. You may also select one of the following prompts for your monologue if you had a difficult time producing a plot in the previous activity

  1. Write a monologue in which you reveal a secret to your best friend.
  2. Write a monologue about your favorite song and who is involved in your history of the song (another character in the world of the play)
  3. Write a monologue about… ( You can use a topic you would like to explore or find one from this random phrase generator

Once you have completed your backstory work and have selected a prompt, create an outline for your monologue. Be sure to consider the following:

  • Why is the character performing this monologue? What do they hope to gain out of it? What is their objective?
  • Who is the intended audience for your monologue?
  • Where are you located? At your home? At the park? At a restaurant? What is the significance of the location?
  • Is what you have to say important? If not, consider altering the stakes.

When writing your monologue be sure to begin with a strong and captivating opening sentence. Although monologues can be short, ensure the speech has a few hills and valleys; not to be monotonous. Finally, end the monologue in an obvious way.