Topic 5 Three types of foley: Objects/Props

This category covers the remaining type of sound effect that foley artists produce. The object/props category includes any sound not movement or footsteps. Some example of this can include pouring water in a cup, opening a book, a bird flying or fire. The purpose of this category is to successfully copy the action going on in any given scene.

Some examples of creating sound with objects and props:

  • Fire: To produce fire crackline try using a bag of potato chips, cellophane or steel wool
  • Water: To mimic rain, try frying bacon and eggs or to mimic thunder use large and thin metal plates or
  • Flying: To mimic the sound of a flying bird, use a pair of gloves or a feather duster

Throwing down the gauntlet … Foley artist Barnaby Smyth does his best King Richard Photograph: Suki Dhanda/The Observer