Topic 4 Three types of foley: Movement

The second type of foley sound effect foley artists work on frequently are sounds of movements. This typically involved characters walking past each other but can also include the sounds a person makes if they are moving their body parts a certin way.

Adding subtle sounds to a scene which features movement helps enhance the quality and realistic elements of the scene.

Some object you can utilize to produce sounds of movement are:

  • To make sounds of people brushing past each other,use different types of cloths or tarp
  • To make sounds of a body hitting or touching another body; closing a book, using a baseball mit, a leather jacket or punching meat
  • To make sounds of a broken bone; break celery or carrots or pasta in half, smash a walnut, smash a dried sunflower
  • To make sounds of a violent scene ( e.g., head being smashed); smash watermelong or a pumpkin