Topic 4 Meet Passeurs d’Arts (France)

TUTTI Passeurs d’Arts aims to create children’s orchestras with children from disadvantaged backgrounds. The main objective of TUTTI Passeurs d’Arts is social using music as a vehicle.

The orchestra is indeed an extraordinary school of life, especially for those who live in delicate situations. It brings to each young musician the founding values of our societies: listening, exchange, mutual aid, respect. The orchestra is an incredible tool for social integration. Thanks to the mere attendance to TUTTI’s orchestras, in a few months, children aged 8 to 12 go from a school average from 5/20 to 12/20!

TUTTI therefore design orchestras hosted in infrastructures called: “Maison Passeurs d’Arts”. Around 300 children participate every day for a totally free practice in multi-instrumental group lessons and orchestra practices. This method is based on the model of social and cultural success of the “El Sistema”, developed in Venezuela since 1975, founded by José-Antonio Abreu.