Topic 3 Meet Orquestra Geração (Portugal)

Orquestra Geração is a non-profit association that develops social inclusion projects through music in several places in the Portugal, mainly with children located in Priority Intervention School Territories.

Orquestra Geração, inspired by the Venezuelan El Sistema, has as its mission the harmonious development at the bio-psycho-social level of young people, particularly those from less favored socio-economic backgrounds through the musical practice in symphonic orchestra, promoting territorial cohesion and bringing cultures closer through music.

At present, Orquestra Geração involves more than 1200 children with a high percentage of African descent, but also from India, Brazil, Slavic countries and Roma children. 

Orquestra Geração  operates in 35 hubs, located on schools in the Lisbon area (7 municipalities) and in the center of Portugal (3 municipalities), split in the level of Initiation, Infant and Youth orchestras, in parallel with regional orchestras and a Jazz Big Band (GeraJazz).