Topic 2 How to draw it?

Here we’ll show how to draw a mandala, following some simple steps:

  1. Start from a big PLUS sign. You could help yourself with a ruler for better results.
  2. Then, draw three dots from the center on each of the “hands” or “beams” of the Plus as shown here.
  3. Add a large X shape through the center as diagonals.

Connect the dots into circles. To do this, start at one dot, and draw a curved line to the next dot, and so on. It’s okay if you make mistakes and it’s not perfect. The example here is made on a computer program.

Now start drawing designs in your mandala. You may begin with circles and oval forms or triangles, raindrops, loops, etc. All depends according to your feeling. You can start from the center, or you can start from anywhere where you feel inspired to make some marks. It’s good if you repeat your pattern. It’s a slow process that requires time and devotion but hey, that’s the whole point: to exit reality and dive into your imagination.

Continue this way until you fulfill  the empty space.