Topic 1 Meet El Sistema Greece (Greece)

El Sistema Greece is a community music project that provides free music education to children and young people in Greece. All children —no matter their origin, nationality, or religion— are not only inspired to strive for a better future, but thanks to music, they are given a platform for dialogue and togetherness across diverse communities.

Music is a universal language which can be a powerful tool for social inclusion. Musical education has been proven to be an incredibly effective medium for achieving long term social change for both the children involved, and their families, worldwide.

The goal of El Sistema Greece is to promote social inclusion and build a new musical and human community with children from different horizons, whether they are refugees, migrants, or Greeks. El Sistema Greece provides them with a sense of purpose, offering choir and orchestral instrument. 

Our educational approach builds on effective methods from Venezuela’s social action programme El Sistema, adapted in over 70 countries and recognized as a tool for youth crime prevention by UNICEF. Over 2,500 children and youth between the ages of 3 and 26 have had access to El Sistema tuition since 2016.

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